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Private Labeling

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Private Labeled Sunglasses and Accessories

Epoch Eyewear™ can print any name or logo on any sunglass style you’d like.  We have worked with businesses and organizations that want to brand a product for promoting their brand, sharing with customers, or raising funds for an event or organization.  The opportunity to private label products is endless.  We can work with manufacturers to get whatever style, color and printing that's right for you.   

The partnership that Epoch Eyewear™ has with our manufacturers allows us to provide the same great price on private labeled sunglasses that we do with our own brand of product.  Epoch is a small business and understand what it takes to keep your business running.  We want to help you invest in your brand!

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Have your own brand?  Add to your product Line!

Epoch is super excited to partner with one of our existing customers to build their own line of motorcycle performance eyewear.  EagleRider runs the gamut for motorsport enthusiasts.  They have over 100 locations world wide where you can rent or buy all brands of motorcycles, ATVs and scooters.  In addition to having just about whatever motorcycle or ATV you want, they have a full line of EagleRider clothing and gear.  They will now offer EagleRider brand performance eyewear that is manufactured by Epoch Eyewear.  They will have about 23 different products that are all branded with their logo.  Below is a sneak peak of their custom microfiber bag.  Check back soon to see their entire line of products!


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If you are interested in any type of custom eyewear or accessory please call us today!  

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