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 Who owns Epoch Eyewear?

Rebecca Milner and two other partners own Epoch Eyewear.  The company is independently owned and is not related to any other sunglass companies.  


When did Epoch Eyewear start?

Epoch Eyewear started selling sunglasses on July 7, 2014.  Bret & Rebecca Milner and Derek Smith started selling sunglasses out of Bret & Rebecca's house from the kitchen table.  It was a bare bones operation that continues to have great results!


Do Epoch Eyewear sunglasses have a warranty?

Yes!  We stand behind every product we sell.  If you ever have a problem just call 844-239-6252 and we will figure out a solution for you.  Whether you're a wholesale customer or someone who purchased Epoch Eyewear in a retail location, we will make sure you get a product you're happy with.


Are Epoch Eyewear sunglasses ANSI "rated"?

This is a question that requires a little bit of education to make the answer clear.  The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) does not rate products.  No sunglasses is ANSI "rated".  ANSI sets the standard of quality.  Companies can then self declare that they meet the standards or pay a third party labororatory to certify their products meet the standards.  At no time is a product rated by ANSI and to say so is mis-information.  

Epoch Eyewear products are all tested by our manufacturer for multiple different safety featurers before leaving the factory.  We have many products that meet the ANSI Z87+ standard.  As of today, we are re-verifying all of the tests and ensuring we are compliant with ANSI guidelines for stating such.  Rest assured that we are committed to delivering the highest quality product in all of our markets and your safety and satisfaction is our #1 priority.