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Bret Milner

Bret Milner

Bret basically takes care of business at Epoch every day. If he's not working with customers, he's making sure promises are kept and deadlines are met. He’s worked in wholesaling sunglasses for over 10 years. Bret has a passion for designing quality products and ultimately awesome sunglasses. When he's not at Epoch, you can find him playing with his kids Lincoln & Emerson or golfing one of Colorado’s many amazing golf courses. Bret also loves all things baseball.

Rebecca Milner

Rebecca Milner

Rebecca grew up in Owosso, Michigan. She moved to Detroit to go to Wayne State University shortly after enlisting in the Army National Guard in 2006. In 2009-2010 she deployed to Iraq with the 777 Military Police Detachment and worked in detainee operations at Camp Victory and Camp Taji. She’s now a member of the 168th RTI in the Colorado National Guard. When not working she enjoys going to baseball games with her family and is excited about their growing family. 

Rebecca is married to Bret. They have a sweet little boy named Lincoln, and just recently introduced the world to their beautiful new baby girl, Emerson Elizabeth. At Epoch, Rebecca is doing whatever she can to support the sales team. She’s happy to help customers and will most likely call you if your bill goes past due! 

“I love working with my family and consider everyone on our team a friend. We’re blessed to be able to do something we enjoy."

Derek Smith

Derek Smith

I have been fortunate enough to have the privilege of being present since the inception of Epoch Eyewear in the Milner kitchen. Initially helping out everywhere from prospecting new business, handling existing business, shipping and billing; my main focus is now the cultivation of our existing accounts through sales and more importantly, service. I’ve worked in the sunglass business since 2012 and I live for this business and my customers. Reach me day or night for your sunglass needs.

Fun Fact: My passion for sunglasses is only rivaled by a deep love for New England sports and a one Thomas Brady, (5 time Super Bowl champion and 0 time deflator)



So you want to know more about the man with the golden voice? To save time you can just watch the movie Top Gun and that should give you a good idea on my life story. I’m not a fighter pilot but I had a pet Goose that was my best friend who was hit and killed by a plane so it’s pretty much the same thing. 

I love what I do and love who I work for. I’m one of the select few that can honestly say I work with some of my best friends and enjoy waking up at 5:00 in the morning to come to work (unless I spent the previous night face down in a bucket of wine in which case I hate everything)


Joe Pacheco

Joe Pacheco is a tenured sunglass salesman, but his true passion is coaching baseball.  He’s  been a part of the coaching staff at Doherty High School in Colorado Springs for the last 6 years.  In addition to coaching baseball, he is a college scout and does recruiting to help high school baseball players continue their education and play baseball at the college level.  Joe grew up in New Mexico where he met his wife of who has now been married to for 25 years.  Together they have a son.  Joe is a die-hard Raiders football fan.

Mike Littrell

Mike Littrell

Mike has been selling sunglasses since 2014.  In 2016 he came on board with Epoch Eyewear after seeing the opportunity for long term professional growth with the company.  Mike is from California and a die hard Raiders Football fan.  He lives in Colorado Springs with his son Tyson.  At Epoch, Mike services new and existing customers.  His forte is customer focused sales!


Rich Guy

Rich is the undisputed 2016 rookie of the year for Epoch Eyewear, has been with the team since June. He’s been a great addition to the team. Rich is originally from the mid-west. He was born in Michigan and raised in Chicago, Il. Rich lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and kids, focuses his free time on spending time with them.


Cameron Baer

Cameron runs all things warehouse at Epoch. Everything from receiving, inventory and shipping goes through Cam. He has been working in the sunglass industry for almost 7 years. In 2016 he decided to come on board with Epoch Eyewear. Cam is married to his amazing wife Lauren and they have two kids. Cam loves all things outdoors; sports, snowboarding and hiking. He has an australian shepard/border collie mix and a funky little jack russell/basset hound mix with a long sausage body and a sausage face. When it comes to football it’s Buckeyes and Broncos all the way!

The Bam

Brandon A. Miera

Brandon hails from the thriving metropolis of Pueblo, CO. Mr. Miera is the typical off-center artist type with super human powers in visual communication (OK above average powers). During the day Brandon is Epoch Eyewear's Creative Director but at night he turns into the artist simple known as the BAM. The BAM enjoys adrenalin rushes, art collecting, baseball, reallllly spicy food, cold beer, 80s music and fine cigars. When Brandon isn't rubbing elbows with famous people, he loves spending time with his trophy wife and rediculously good looking offspring.

Jared Jack