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  • What our customers say

    I found a pair of Epoch sunglasses at my local Harley Davidson store and I could not be happier with these. I hope I can always find a store that sells your glasses because I have not found another brand to be as comfortable. I love the color (I have red) and the fit is great and they won't fly off my face or bounce around like most brands do. Thanks for your service to our Country and for continuing to help Veterans.
  • What our customers say

    My wife and I each Bought a pair of your glasses on a whim while on vacation and instantly loved them. We both have a stack of glasses were just so so about but yours were instantly tops. Sadly I lost mine in the ocean a few days later but I'm glad I was able to track you down so I can figure out where to buy replacements from. Keep up the great works and congrats on the anniversary!!!
  • What our customers say

    Hello! I am writing to tell you of my 1000% satisfaction with your Epoch 5 sunglasses. Fast forward 2 days from my purchase, and my husband was hit with a line drive softball directly to his face between his eyes. He was wearing your Epoch 5 sunglasses. And thank god he was! Those glasses provided a buffer from what could have been a disastrous blow to his face. I am so thankful he was wearing them that day. So, I say thank you to you and your company for the amazing sunglasses! They saved his face!

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